10 Easy Hacks to Get 1342 Visitors by Commenting every week 2018

Commenting on blogs is a great way to get yourself (and your blog noticed). If you type in your site address in the comment form, you will get a little link on your name in the comment.

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Comment Backlinks

If your comments are noticed, chances are some people might click into your website and you’ll get some traffic.

But now popular blogs receive about 50 – 100 comments on each post. And people usually miss most of them.

Here are 15 ways to get your blog comments stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of people.

1. Write longer comments if the rest are short ones

If most of the comments happen to be short ones, then write long comments to make yourself stand out. Don’t forget to format it though, for no one likes reading long comments.

2. Write shorter comments if the rest are long ones

Do exactly the opposite if the rest are long ones. Of course, don’t write two word comments or that will backfire.

3. Be one of the early birds

People usually pay attention to the first comments. So if you are on a post of a very popular blog and nobody has commented on it yet, go!

But before you do that…

Make sure you are leaving a useful comment, and not two-word comments. So being the 10th commentator with a useful comment is better than being the 1st with a two-word one.

But note that doing this too many times on the same blog can be annoying.

4. Use formatting to dress up your comment

If you are not familiar with HTML,

a = <strong>a</strong>

b = <em>b</em>

c = <u>c</u>

Formatting a comment is as easy as a b c ;-) . People like to read tidy and formatted comments, and that should stand out from the crowd, if there are not many formatted comments.

For example (My comment on Youtube Description Template Post )


<strong>Twitter</strong> – I once got about 200 visits from twitter because of my follower’s retweets (Thanks tweeps! I appreciate it!). Just be careful not to tweet your blog post too many times in a day, or not that would be quite annoying.

<strong>Facebook</strong> – Not much traffic from here because I’ve not much friends yet.

<strong>Guest Posting</strong> – I got about 300 visits when I first guest posted. I should do more guest posting LOL.

<strong>Blog commenting</strong> – Yes, this has brought me some traffic :) Especially if you are the first to comment on a post on a popular blog.

5. Bold words that draw attention


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Let’s say you disagree on a blog post. You could bold the words, “I disagree,” then people will be curious on why you disagree and read your comment.

Or if you have something to add, bold, “I have something to add.

6. Ask a thoughtful question

This may prompt the author of the post to write another article answering your question. He would probably put up your comment on the blog post.

Questions tend to generate replies from other commentators, too.

7. Give a thoughtful answer to a ‘question’ blog post

Sometimes bloggers write ‘question’ blog posts to ask the opinions from their readers about a certain topic. In my experience, most of them put up the most thoughtful comment answers in their next blog post.

8. Make constructive criticism

If you realize that the post has got something wrong or you just don’t agree with the post, make an “I disagree” comment.

Remember, constructive criticism are not insults. They are advice.

Please don’t, again, make short comments. Explain why the thing is wrong and explain how to correct it.

9. Reply to the first comment

If the popular blog allows threaded comments, cool! Reply to the first comment. Your comment will be just below that comment (unless someone else replied). Of course, please make it relevant to the first comment to make it a reply.

10. Comment on a less popular blog

If you comment on a less popular blog, there are more chances of you getting noticed because most popular blogs have a hundred comments on each post. And people, of course, don’t read every single one of them.

And even if no one reads your comments on a 1 week old blog, the blogger whom you gave a comment would be encouraged ;-) .

11. Add another point to the post

Let’s say you are commenting on a post on 15 ways to get your blog comments noticed. Then you’ve thought of another way to do it. The author will probably see it and add your point to the post.

If not, at least other people will benefit from it.

12. Use Gravatars

Gravatars are the avatars (pictures) of the commentators. Though, not every blog supports it, so you don’t see them on some blogs.

To get one, go to www.gravatar.com and register. Now whenever you comment on a blog, gravatar will detect your email address and assign the gravatar you’ve chosen (I recommend a photo of yourself).

Gravatars help to increase your personality and build your brand around blog comments.

Gravatars also help your friends or fans recognize you in the comments by looking at your gravatar –

(e.g. *Scrolling..scrolling..scroollling. Oh look! John Chow commented on my friend’s blog!*)

13. Comment more often

If you comment more often on the same blog, loyal readers of the blog would probably say,

“Hmmm… This guy gives lots of good comments here. Gonna check him out.”

Or if you comment on a lot of blogs, they’ll say,

“I frequently see this guy around in the comments. Gonna check him out”.”

Commenting frequently also helps to build brand.

14. Become famous

If you are really famous, your comments are so going to get noticed.

So one day, a famous blogger…uhh… let’s say Darren Rowse commented on a popular blog post. His comment is going to get attention and many are going to reply to his comment.

But please, don’t impersonate celebrities, for it will be easy to detect.

15. Engage in comment discussion

That is, to reply to other comments on your and other blogs. But leave helpful ones instead of pointless ones.

Engaging in comment discussion will get you noticed especially by the people who subscribed to the post’s comments.

Criteria that your comments are getting noticed

Your comments receive replies

Some people like to engage in comments discussion, and they like to reply to certain comments. If your comment gets replied a lot, you are getting noticed.

Your comments get noticed

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Some bloggers are interested about your comments and they blog about it, probably because they are useful, motivating, touching, thought-provoking, making a difference, or such.

You receive lots of visitors to your site from your comments

People might wonder what your site is about if your comment is interesting. So they click into your site to see what you write about. Or some people just tend to click the first comments.

You also need to do keyword research in order to write seo friendly post. You can use KWFINDER or Long Tail pro for this.

Check this post out – The Power of a Comment.

But Wait!!! Before you make any comments…

As I said, leaving Short and Pointless comments is Annoying and Meaningless and will bring down your brand.

Askiment, the spam-filtering plugin that most bloggers use, may mark you as spam and your future comments might go straight into the spam section.

So, please, please don’t leave short and spammy comments simply for the sake of promoting your brand. It does the opposite, actually.

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So, there you go! 15 ways to get your blog comments noticed! Do you know of another way to do so?